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History of Warm Glass

Warm glass work (fused glass) and kiln casting are an ancient process dating back to the second millennium BC. (Mesopotamians and Egyptian cultures.)

The early warm glass process evolved from ceramic and early metalworking techniques with glass taking its place alongside gold and silver as precious materials.

As Egyptian techniques evolved working with glass rods (called lampworking) other processes evolved and techniques adapted by the Romans using a long rod ( a blow-pipe ) to manipulate glass heated in a furnace.

It soon became the technique of choice throughout the Roman Empire. By the fifth century AD warm glass techniques were forgotten until early 19th century, when rediscovered in Europe.

As the discoveries of ancient glass by archaeologists and the free expression of the art movement in Europe led to a rebirth of recreating the methods used by the ancient cultures.

Contemporary Warm Glass

Today, after centuries of re-discovery and enhancement, warm glass continues to develop and grow as a viable artistic discipline.

Artists and Craftsman have pushed the bounderies of their creative imagination and expression “any thing is possible” from jewelry, functional furniture, sculpture, wall art to building construction and architecture.

The advancements in technologies and availability of better materials has pushed the warm glass discipline to the forefront of a new art movement for years to come.

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