Glass Sculpture Artist  


I was Born in Southern Californian but spent my young adult years in Northern California exposed to many different cultures and places. I attended school and studied Industrial Technology and Science.

After school I spent the next 7 years working in steel structural building trades, yet walked away with destination unknown.

My art journey began with 2 years of idle time studying the works and biographies of European Masters, African Cultures, and Aztec and Mayan artifacts.

Exposed to hot glass work in late 1989 a new passion emerged. I enrolled in a weekend workshop, and began early experiments in glass.

Moving to Arizona in 2001 and exposed to the diverse culture of the Southwest, I began sketching and drawing which ignited a passion within me.

My early experiments in hot glass work was very exciting – so I pursued forward and the results were astonishing!

Martin Halvorson


Past Creations